June 14, 2011

Tyson & Ashley come to visit!!

We had so much fun! I am so so so happy they came to visit us! Thank y'all both SO much! We miss y'all like crazy.... Buuuuut you know there's PLENTY of houses for sale up here {wink wink}

Started the weekend at Dave & Busters for Zac's 30th birthday. We all stayed up WAY past out bedtime to play games (even Kaylee). Ramon & Tyson got into the horse racing games (of course), and Ashley & I found this awesome jumprope game! I totally want one for the basement now!!
Thanks to our super awesome arcade skillz,  Kaylee took home her very first Angry Bird!
Saturday, the Rangers were in town playing the Twins! YAY!
So we met up with Trinity & Emily for a fun afternoon.
I gotta admit, we weren't claiming that we knew the guys by the end of the game... those three together... seriously... it shouldn't be legal haha

BUT the Twins new stadium is beautiful and has an incredible view!

Meanwhile, Kaylee played with Ari & Bayla... and learned about taking turns! 
She looks like she is actually driving this car haha...

On our last morning, we all took a bike ride to Lansboro for lunch. It was like we were kids again!
And Kaylee got to enjoy nap time :)

We had so much fun & it meant so much to us that y'all came up here! I wish it was longer :)

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