June 7, 2011

Fun in the SUN!

I gotta admit, I miss Texas like crazy... BUT.... Minnesota is finally starting to feel like home...
WAIT! That's because of the weather!!! It literally FEELS like home (or a little cooler) haha

Is that 99 degrees that I see?! We all know when the sun is beating down that it actually FEELS hotter than that, but I'll take it!

You know what that means, right?! TIME TO GET OUTSIDE AND COOL OFF!
Kaylee got her a sippy cup with ice and loved it. We lost her sunglasses at the Zoo, so she refused to open her eyes haha. Guess that means I need to go sunglasses shopping!
 It was so nice getting outside in the sun this afternoon.
I love that it's hot, but not TOO hot that you can't enjoy it, ya know?

It's suppose to be 50s tomorrow.... so that was fun while it lasted! 

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