October 25, 2010

Thanks Uncle Fav

This whole time, We've been too scared to clip Kaylees fingernails, so I've just been filing them. It's worked pretty well, but doesn't last long... So.... Zac took the challenge. Maybe this can be their special bonding time together from now on?
Oh, and check out her new bald spot on the back of her head! I'm calling it her "Baby Mullet Toupee". She rubs the back of her head to soothe herself to sleep, and has formed the bald spot. 
It's pretty hilarious.

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  1. I don't blame you! I thought I was brave and tried to cut Logan's when he was like 5 days old, and I ended up cutting like the whole top of his finger, and it bled like crazy! In tears, I called the pediatrician and they said to just put neosporin & a band-aid on it, but I have never clipped them since! 2 and a half years later, Lucas is the only one who clips his nails! :)