October 19, 2010

Some more modeling time

Kaylee was just being extra cute today, so we took a break and had another photo shoot. I can't tell yet if she is going to take pictures like me or Ramon...

From the looks of this shot, I'm thinking Ramon!

I started making silly noises, and she thought it was funny.

Kaylee has found her hands lately. They are constantly in her mouth.

She loves her hand. They are tasty. She still hasn't found her feet, but they are starting to stick up in the air when she plays. Those will be in the mouth too before we know it!
Last night, Grandma Bena snuck some Cool Whip into Kaylees mouth during dinner when Mommy wasn't looking! She enjoyed it... almost too much. Maybe she is searching for more on her fingers.
Kaylee is starting to lift her head a little better during tummy time. She is getting really strong.

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  1. I'm lovin' her little DDD onesie!! She may look like Ramon, but she'll definitely follow in her mommy's legacy!