October 31, 2010

"Meet Miss Kaylee Claire"

Thank you to Aunts Bria & Rachel, & Grandma Bena for a wonderful "Meet Miss Kaylee Claire" Party. We had a great time, and from the looks of things, I think everyone else did too!
Kaylee was sleepy during most of the party, but like they say... "It's my party, and I'll cry (or sleep) if I want to!"

Yummy Cupcakes

We had a relaxed evening, with LOTS of yummy food.

And the games begin. Chase and Uncle Chris won the clothing pin name game. If you heard someone saying "Kaylee" or "Baby", you could steal the clothes pin. Leave it to these two!

And it wouldn't be an evening with this bunch without .... a drinking game... baby style!

Who ever could chug the beer fastest out of the baby bottle WON!

Uncle Chris having a hard time

AND THE WINNERS! Uncle Troy was the real winner... Ramon cheated and took the nipple off the bottle. "Nobody said he couldn't!"

TIME FOR PRESENTS! Thank you to everyone for all the great gifts. Kaylee definitely got spoiled with some cute things! We are so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people :)

"OOoooh, are these for me?!"

"Yumm yum yum"

We had a great night! We definitely missed Rachel, Zac & Ari though... They weren't able to travel down. Doctors orders! Kaylees new cousin could come any day now, and can't get them too far from home.

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  1. Only you D!!! It is awesome. Great idea. So happy to see you had a good visit with yo momma, shared the Wal-Mart story and are taking lil photo shoots. :-) Now gets ready for that weather woman.