October 27, 2010

Got the Sniffles

Yesterday, it dropped into the low 40's during the day. I don't even want to know what it was at night time. A big storm is blowing through and we had winds up to 60mph or so! Thank goodness it wasn't snowing too! Little Kaylee stayed inside most of the time, but woke up stopped up all night, and still crusty nose and coughing this morning. Hopefully little Kaylee isn't getting sick!

So since our little one doesn't feel good, we decided to dress cozy today in her giraffe outfit.


  1. Perhaps a Humidifier would be in order to add some moisture into the dry room caused by the heater?
    Just an idea.

  2. Good idea :) We have it out of the box and ready to go tonight! It's sort of sad how excited I am to use it... it looks like a frog haha

  3. Is the giraffe suit from baby gap? so cute! hope she doesnt get a cold!