October 17, 2010

Pa&KK Visit

Dad and Kimberly (aka Pa & KK) came to visit for the weekend. We tried to pack as much in as possible, but still have time to relax and enjoy Kaylee. She really studied their faces for a while. As if she was thinking, "Hmmmm I remember you!" We spent a lot time driving around and showing them the area and all the little towns. I'll admit, Minnesota really is pretty this time of the year.

First thing on the agenda? Steal some corn!

We made it to Culver's, but were STUFFED and only had room for a Frozen Custard...
and some quality family time lol
I guess the butter burger will have to wait until their next visit.

Saturday, we decided to go up to the Cities and meet up with Rachel, Zac & Ari (aka Tio & Tia Fav) at the Apple Orchard. Everyone got to taste the Minnesota Honey Crisp Apple that I've been talking about. Apparently, there is a pretty detailed story. They are really proud of that apple! "It helped revive a declining apple growing industry... was recently selected as one of the top 25 innovations in over a decade, and.... has changed the way of life". Pretty impressive for an APPLE! Seriously, read it for yourself

We shopped a little too. They had apple butter, apple donuts, apple brats, apple cider, apple salsa, apple pancakes, apple chips, apple pie, caramel apples, apple potpourri, normal apples... It was like the Bubba Gump of Apples!

Kaylee was having a hard time staying awake through all the excitement.

She stayed in her Pa&KK's arms most of the weekend. And loved every minute of it.

 Kaylee is becoming quite the little talker. And LOVING all the attention.

Cousin Ari got to show off her Halloween costume. She is Abbie Cadabbie. So cute.

Lots of fun, and a lot more of snoozing.

You know I can never pass up an opportunity for a good photo shoot!
But she wasn't too sure about it this time.

Trying to stand up.. whooooooah


 Seriously Mom, enough of the pictures.

 Ahhhhhhh... MUCH better. Back with my Pa.

Time to go shopping at the Mall of America! Adios Y'all!
 Kaylee LOVED the mall. She is quite the people watcher. I can imagine us one day sitting on the bench and giggling at all the strange people. Kimberly & I built up the courage to ride the Sponge Bob ride. I felt like our screams echoed through the mall lol

 Then Sunday, the Cowboys played the Vikings! So of course, we had to pull out the gear. Pa&KK brought Kaylee a Cowboys onesie to wear. The Star looks good on her :)
Her Tio&Tia Fav gave her a Vikings outfit... but.... well.... it got pooped on ;) hehe

We really loved the weekend and were so sad to see Dad & Kimberly go. I don't think saying bye will ever get easier, but we had such a fun time, and I loved watching Kaylee play with her Pa&KK. Only one more month until Thanksgiving and we will see them again in Texas! This past month went fast, so hopefully this next month is even faster!

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  1. We had a great time in Minnesota.

    Can't wait for Thanksgiving.