October 5, 2010

Steak, Shrimp & Mac-n-Cheese

We are starting to settle in a little better this week. We have started trying to get Kaylee set in her bedtime routine and are gradually moving her bedtime earlier so that she will eventually be asleep by 9pm-ish. Right now, she is getting to sleep about 9:30, so we are close! Over the weekend, Ari/Zac/Rachel (aka ZaR) came to visit for a few days. Steve & Umbelina were in Mexico for cousin Vanessa's wedding, so we had the house to ourselves! Rachel and I hosted a joint Mary Kay/Pampered Chef Open House on Saturday. It was my first Mary Kay event in Minnesota, and felt really good to get my business going up here. I sold about $400 in a couple of hours. Not bad! That night, we decided to be fancy while the grandparents were out of town, so we chowed down on steak and shrimp for dinner. Oh, and some Mac-n-cheese too :)
Kaylee got to sleep about 9:30. She still fights it, but once she closes her eyes, she is so peaceful.
 So we all sat down for a good scary movie for the night! It's been a looooong time since we've gotten to do that. We watched Orphan because my cousin, Margo Martindale, is in it! Freaky movie btw...

So, the deal breaker for moving to Minnesota was that I could stay home with Kaylee for a while. My job in Texas offered me an opportunity to work part time from home and pretty much keep my job. It's worth a try, and seems like the perfect situation! I don't have to take Kaylee to daycare, and I can work during nap time to keep income coming in. Sounds MUCH easier than it really is. I secretly just want to do this all day.

Well anyways, I forgot to add in showers and laundry into the nap time schedule! So..... we decided to try a little Baby Einstein and see how she likes it. SHE LOVED IT! She just sat in her bouncer completely happy and content watching the little animals run across the screen. I'm not going to make it an every day thing, but she sure was cute watching her first little TV show just for her! Oh... and Mommy got her shower :)

Funny story, I went shopping at Target with a gift card (about $100!). I DROPPED IT!! So after wandering around Target for over an hour retracing my steps trying to find it, I gave up. My cashier asked "how are you today?" and I answered honestly! "Could be better! I just dropped my $100 gift card and can't find it anywhere!" She checked with lost and found, and GUESS WHAT! Someone actually turned it in! Can you believe that?! So long story short... Minnesota people aren't too bad after all.


  1. WTG Minnesota Target shoppers!

  2. Uncle Ted and Aunt Susan said "we Love the pictures" and of course, Hello from down under. Glad to see you are settling in.

  3. That is so amazing about the $100 gift card. What a nice person to turn it in. I love her Halloween outfit!