October 14, 2010

Kaylee's first Minnesota Dr Appt

Kaylee met a new pediatrician today, Dr Deborah McWilliams. I really liked her. I chose her online because I got a recommendation and she looked nice in her picture haha. Yes I admit... I choose pediatricians based on their looks ;) She was one of the only female dr's without an early 90's haircut AND she was smiling. What more could we ask for?! haha. The Mayo Clinic is completely different than what I'm use to in Texas. The environment is more like a mini hospital instead of a fun kid-focused office like I'm use to. Apparently they don't do that up here like back at home. But I mean, it's Mayo Clinic, so they obviously know what they are doing, right?
Anyways, Kaylee took to Dr McWilliams very well. She listened very intently as Dr was talking, and Kaylee was cooing and smiling the entire time at her, even while checking all her limbs/eyes/ears/etc. So that's good! Dr McWilliams spent a lot of time with us, and answered all of our questions without making us feel silly. I really appreciated it. OH! And at 14 weeks, Kaylee has officially doubled her birth weight! She is now a whopping 14 pounds, and 22.8 inches long! I can't believe it. Her weight is in the 82% percentile, height 26%, and head circumference 72%. So looks like we definitely have a little chunker on our hands! A cute one though :) Maybe she is just saving food in those cheeks for the winter!

So here is Kaylee happy as a bird in her carseat!

Just talking away...

And loving her newest toy!

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