October 5, 2010

BONK! .... oops

Well, Kaylee has officially bonked her head for the first time. AND IT WAS ALL MY FAULT! We were talking after dinner and Kaylee was sitting in my lap, she jerked forward and my reflexes weren't quit quick enough. BONK! I even had my hand on her tummy just in case... apparently, it was too low to do any good (note to self!) Poor thing screamed and screamed. I felt sooo bad! It was a scream I've never heard before, even worse than shots at the dr. BAD MOMMY! haha oops... first of many I'm sure.

And of course we had to document the "milestone" with a photo opp. (The bump is under her right eye). Luckily, the bump isn't too noticeable in the photo... good thing for when she is older and sees what I let happen to her. Mom/Dad, wasn't I about this age when you let me get eaten alive my fire ants?! hehe... jk, you know I love ya!

This was after she cried and slobbered all over my shirt. I deserved it!

Mommy more sad than Kaylee (again, this is AFTER the crying)

Kaylee mad at Mommy.

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