October 6, 2010

The Honor System actually works around these parts

Kaylee and I decided to go pick up a pumpkin for her 3 month photo shoot coming up on friday. Yes, this is my teaser to get you to come back and see the pics! Can't tell you what we are doing for the photo shoot yet, but I have a few cute ideas. Anyways, they sell pumpkins on the side of the road... UN-ATTENDED! Isn't this so cute? We picked the biggest pumpkin we could find!
See! "Please deposit in mailbox"... and people actually do it! In the city, your wagon would be empty and no money deposited.
I love buying pumpkins. It just feels so festive. Stay tuned for our 3 month photoshoot! Hopefully it turns out right.

1 comment:

  1. This is just greatness and to have your Target card turned in. Glad there are still good people out there. J and I went to the movies on Friday night and I found a coach wallet on the ground. I thought about you when I turned it in.