October 25, 2010

Pip Pip Hooray!

Mom (aka Pippy) came in town for the weekend! It was WAY too quick, but we had a lot of fun with the time we had. We wanted to find a pumpkin patch to take pictures. 

They had some of the craziest looking pumpkins.

Kaylee wasn't into smiling for the camera, but they still turned out pretty cute.

Check out this face! haha

The pumpkin patch was also an Apple Orchard. I'm all about these Apples right now! It was pretty cool. They let us go in the back to see how everything works. 

Mom was so excited. It reminded her of the days she would help her grandpa 
work at their Peach Orchard in East Texas.

 Their samples were WHOLE apples!

And once again, it's time to leave, so the smiles start coming!

We wandered around for a few hours so Kaylee could get a good nap.
Found Amish working in the fields. This looks like WAY too much work.
 If you look closely, you can see one with a full beard. GG taught us that means he is married.

Yes, we are dorks

We ended the weekend SHOPPING, of course. Kaylee did so good.  I think all the shopping and thumb finding wore her out.

We had a great weekend with Pippy & can't wait to see her again SOON!

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